My Life in Paradise

because I only wish I could make this sh*t up…

Gardening with HerMajesty…..

on January 16, 2012

When most people garden with their mother they put on cute gloves and don squishy knee protectors and a big hat.  It’s an affair that may or may not need a shower, but will certainly need potting soil and small rose clippers.

Then there is my life in paradise..

HerMajesty appeared in my backyard wearing the most god awful outfit and a belt with knives hanging from it that would scare a seriously seasoned bad ass gangster in Oakland. I will share a photo someday.

Me: Hi Mum!  Muuuuum – mum!!

HerMagesty: “Oh hello darling. Where were you?”

Me: “Sitting at my table doing homework.”

HerMagesty: “That’s nice.”

*rusting of plants, moving of bushes and 10 feet into the jungle she disappears..

HerMagesty: “Sarah – there’s a pathway back here and a pineapple and I take it someone broke this marble paver..”
Me: “Yeah… was me – I threw it at a rooster….”

<The End>

PS…. Here’s a picture to prove I’m not insane!  😐

She's scares gangsters in Oakland!


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