My Life in Paradise

because I only wish I could make this sh*t up…

Offical-ish Notice Thingy…. (Oh don’t get too excited I’m not getting married….)

on February 8, 2012

EVEN THOUGH IT’S LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA FOR ME TO GET MARRIED!!!  It’s been a tearful and joyful day for me as I think about my friends who are getting married or have gotten married and get to make it legalish now!   Oh and my brother TheMostHandsomeManUnder30 has agreed with delight that should I ever get married he’s wearing his kilt to walk me down the aisle and stand with me..  I did promise him he didn’t have to wear a dress, but a kilt is not a dress.  IT’S not so don’t go there, he’s a bazzillion feet tall and made of muscles and stuff!

So the less important news is……that I’m adding pictures to old posts..  It’ll take me a few days, but clicky backwards to see pictures involving HerMagesty, challah, roosters, and I’ve opted to leave out any pictures of me in my spank me underpants and long horns sweatshirt.  



Thinking about rivers again......


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