My Life in Paradise

because I only wish I could make this sh*t up…

This is what breakfast in AlohaLand can be like…..

on February 11, 2012

You need to be listening to a particular piece of lovely music in the background while you read this post…..  We’ll call this an episode of Faulty Lanais.  It’s like Faulty Towers only it involves Australians, an American and an ocean view from the

BobDad:  How was the flight over?
Me:  The sky was a beautiful color blue when we landed.
BobDad:  Why do you do that?  You and your mother both!  You never answer the question I ask, just some version of it you deem similar!
Me:  I learned it from her…………….
HerMajesty: She did answer you dear.  I understood what she meant perfectly.
BobDad:  That doesn’t help!  No one else understands because neither of you ever answers a question!
HerMajesty and I together:  Yes we do!
BobDad: No you don’t!
Me:  Blame HerMajesty – I am just the child who learned from the Queen.
BobDad:  So how was the flight over?
Me: Pass the pancakes please……….
BobDad:  See what I mean!!  Oh never mind!!
<the end>

A picture that has nothing to do with breakfast and still it makes me happy.


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