My Life in Paradise

because I only wish I could make this sh*t up…

A Conversation With TheDragon…..

on February 25, 2012

Yes these conversations really do happen…..

TheDragon: Hows your free range cocks?

Me: Haven’t been to the farm yet..  Had to come right to school…  But now I have free range ducks!!”

TheDragon:  oooooo duckies!  waddle waddle quack quack!

Me: EXACTLY!  I’m thinking of teaching them to kill roosters.

The Dragon: They’d have to be able to catch them first……

Me: Or surround them and drown them.  Or just surround them until they starve!

The Dragon: Lol – There’s that……

Me: Or just be ninja ducks and karate chop them all!

The Dragon:  Ninja Ducks ftw!

Me: Exactly – I knew you would understand.  Black ruffled ninja duck outfits.  Ducks are white soo…

The Dragon: Ruffles aren’t very ninja-like, just saying.  But I’m also not a fashionista

Note – The Dragon rides a Harley – he’s fashionable in that OMG.I.WANT.TO.HAVE.YOUR.LEATHER.KITTENS. kind of way.  0_o

Me: How do you know?  Just because you haven’t met a ninja in ruffles doesn’t mean they don’t exist….

The Dragon: Oh I’m sure they exists – but ruffles are noisy and therefor anthetical to the ninja.

Me: Ninja are so stealthy you can’t see them!

The Dragon:  You’ve been talking to the fundies again haven’t you…..

Me: Invisible ninja ruffles.  007duck style!

The Dragon:  I see the circular logic argument spinning up…….

Me: No….  I just didn’t sleep except on the plane for a few hours..  So I stick by my ninja duck ruffles until tomorrow morning……..

The Dragon:  Ok then…

JUST.SO.WE.ARE.CLEAR..  It’s been a few days…  My ducks are actually spotted and I still think they need to have ninja ruffle outfits..  Just like this only black!!

 Buckminster.The.Pony.Size.Dog isn’t a duck..  But he’s so cute!!

Buckminster – My.Little.Pony.Dog


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