My Life in Paradise

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Elena’s blog is one of my secret indulgences although I guess it’s not so secret if I’m reflagging her blog. I read her when it feels like the sky is falling and everything I’ve worked towards is going no where. She has done so much – from so little and I have done less with much much more. What that says about be I don’t know. But either way – enjoy, she’s an inspiration. LIVE SIMPLY, TRAVEL LIGHTLY, LOVE PASSIONATELY & DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE

Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately & don't forget to breathe

It has been a 9 year journey for me.

In the Summer of 2003 I arrived in LAX as a 19 year-old girl, without a clue of what to do next.

I sat alone on the bench right outside the airport, trying to answer the question that I have not yet asked myself prior to that night…

What now? …

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Gay Pride….

This year most of the High Holy Days of Gay (ok all of them) have had to be skipped for me. My summer chemistry course and gerontology seminars don’t leave me any moments for frivolity or celebration. What I have had instead are many short intense moments for reflection.

We don’t live in a world of full equality, but we’ve come a damn long way from Stonewall and the times before and after. We have medical clinics (not enough) with specialists who have dedicated themselves to queer medicine. We have more art installations, movies, TV characters, artists and writers than ever before. We have queer scientists, police officers, fireman, and politicians. We have an army of allies; a generation of young people who refuse to believe the rhetoric of the right. We have a President who changed his mind and admitted it for the world to witness.

So as I return to building organic chemical models and putting together a veritable library of LGBT gerontology information to take back to Hawaii with me I’m grateful. 

I’m grateful The.Gay.Beach (aka Delores Park), the TransMarch and the DykeMarch celebratory festivities ie. drinking->drinking->drinking—> celebrating->celebrating->celebrating will be around when I’m done with school. (For the sake of my sanity I’m going to assume they will be.)

I’m grateful for the sacrifices of older queers who braved the way before me and unflinchingly support my academic endeavors.  Our elders, some of whom are no longer with us, have been beaten, arrested, imprisoned, killed, unemployed, hated, ostracized, and isolated for being other than acceptably binary.

I’m grateful for my generation who celebrates these high holy holidays with abandon when I can’t.

I’m grateful for the generation coming up behind me – because it just keeps getting better.


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A conversation with Mr. Monster about peas, bondage, and pez dispensers.

I have a friend (one Mr. Monster from the dirty south) who is totally amazing in the garden.  No wait more than one of those friends actually aka everyone I know EXCEPT me..  AND I live on a coffee farm – go figure…..  I can grow roses, orchids and tomatoes.  Anything else sends me into fits of panic and messages run across my forehead that read “you are an insufficiently programmed human please try again in your next lifetime…”  Moving right along to something even more nonsensical…

BELOW IS -exactly- WHAT HAPPENS WHEN…. someone makes a typo and I’ve had caffeine.

Conversation reads thus and such…. 

Mr. Monster: …..I played pes bondage (that’s a typo on purpose, keep reading!) for part of my day.  Even such mundane things such as stringing up peas can land me in a world of frayed knots…

Me: Pea bondage!  I am a total pea garden pirate.  I like to snatch them off the bushes and eat them on the spot…..  I thought you wrote “pez bondage” for a second……and I was about to whine about needing a pez dispenser that dispenses bondage…..because I could make money off that…  

Customer:  “Oh la, I need a play date..”

Voice of TV sales guy: “No you need pez bondage!  Act now and we’ll give you a ginsu knife set AND an Asian cupping set.  Asian girl not included in free gift.

Me: For $199.95 I have solved the problems of rural perverts EVERYWHERE……….

Mr. Monster: How much coffee have you had chem demon?

((all because Mr. Monster made a typo.  Just 1 typo and I’m going to change the world!!))

<the end>




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Screw the roosters – let’s talk fire and hoses and chemistry..

Been awhile – fill in this space with blah blah blah about why it’s been so long etc.  Be creative!  Make something up that involves aliens and jail and cake and thai hookers, I’ll back you up, so will HomoJoe.

So at this moment I’m sitting on a too small couch in a too hot city in my underwear trying to wrap my brain around a decision to take a course that may well be the biggest challenge yet.  Where am I?  Sacramento, CA.  Because everyone leaves this for 105 degree summers right?  Wrong it’s just me.

Failing to read the course description I signed up for a two semester chemistry class that some masochist compressed into one regular semester and some sadist compressed into a summer semester.  Think 34 weeks of chemistry compressed into about 7 weeks.  Yeah – it’s going to be like drinking from a firehose and wearing depends because I don’t actually have time to go pee I’ll be studying .  

I did get a new livescribe pen. Not all my ex’s live in Texas but the one who does is pretty damn cool and she is who sent me the pen.  (I’m fairly lucky in that I get to be friends with most of my ex’s. I know – so very lessssssbian of me!) 

So stay tuned for the summer.  Rather than rooster antics I’ll probably be posting about my latest chemical disaster.  It’s a lab class after all and doing it wrong can lead to a cold naked shower with your classmates.

Oh yeah – the picture is me.  Reading a medical text.  In a tiara.  I win!


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