My Life in Paradise

because I only wish I could make this sh*t up…

It’s been a long summer!!!

Hello – blah blah blah – too long – excuses – etc.. etc.. Now we are done with the long preamble check out this blog post from two of the coolest ladies ever!  My Vagina Has Legitimate Concerns About Electing Republicans!  I don’t even need to write about Aikin and his asshattery – these ladies did it for me!

Back to me me me me!

I’ve been from Hawaii to California to Washington DC to Virginia and I’m still not back in Hawaii yet..  Here’s the highlights!

  • Best Birthday Ever!  (except for the whole drinking so much I couldn’t eat my own cake part – apparently that’s what you get when AuntieMame puts Coca-Liquor in the Sangria…it’s the devil….it made me bite my friend…sorry Adora…) 
  • Chemistry – 1 year of learning smushed into 8 weeks – epic fail….total, fantastic, firey death fail..but I did make aspirin and that was seriously cool..
  • International AIDS Conference – best thing to have happened to me in 10 years.
  • Falling in love and moving to Virginia?  Yeap – more details to come.
  • NEW BLOG!!  Mr.Monster and I started a new blog.  There is nothing on it for now because we were too busy eating what we made, but yeah you guessed it – it’s a blog about food!

Yay!  Now you are up to date on me me me, you can read something funny and wonderful and TRUE about butch fashion...  Ohhh how I can relate….   I once was picked up at the airport by a butch wearing the most god awful jeans I have ever encountered.  So bad kissing was impossible – I was too terrified the bad fashion would leap onto me and eat my fab sweater..  There is no where on earth or in the known or unknow universe that colored – tapered – tight in all the wrong places (not that this horrific example of jeans has right places…) jeans should ever be worn.   This was a handsome butch who I have seen in some fashionable clothing – so wtf?  This wasn’t the wrong season it was the wrong clothing all together.

<nothing more to read – go buy shoes!> 


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