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Why I can’t find anything I want on Craiglist……

on June 26, 2013

It’s a lovely day here in AlohaLand…..I’m working away and poof someone awesome (LeDragon) sends me something awesome.. Not won the lotto awesome, but close… explanation as to why I can’t find anything cool on Craigslist…..IT’S BECAUSE a lady named Victoria Olivia Barnes already has..

5,000+ miles away from me in a house (a house not dissimilar to the Victorian house Mr.Monster owns in Virginia) is where all the cool craigslist things live….including several giant mirrors that I would sell other peoples body parts in order to hang in the house I don’t live in because the house I don’t live in is where all our nice things are…

Great – now I miss no-wheresville Virginia and I’m verklempt to not be installing a claw foot tub and growing insane numbers of tomatoes this summer. Never-mind my office looks out over the blue expanse that is the Pacific ocean….. I’m never happy am I? Don’t answer that….no really…don’t answer….

Read Victoria’s blog – it’s what mine would be more like if I was restoring a house and not chasing my ass around trying to stop people from doing human things….I need to rethink my career change… Mr.Monster won’t thank anyone for any part of this least of all the fact that I’m going to find a freakishly huge mirror and put it somewhere in some house somewhere..


We have one like this… Virginia…..

Ps- I can’t stop editing this post or thinking about that mirror and how I need to get off this rock and steal the Morror.Troll..


One response to “Why I can’t find anything I want on Craiglist……

  1. Mr.Monster says:

    Finds like that are exactly why I scour craigslist and every junk store I can find! It’s also why the VA house is full of antiques 😦

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