My Life in Paradise

because I only wish I could make this sh*t up…

I’m going to visit the monkeys (someday)!!

No really!  I am..  There is a blog I spend way to much time following and here’s why….ok find you can’t read my mind clearly…  I.Love.Traveling and it’s pretty much what I dream about doing when I’m done with school.

So the latest post is about Bali and sacred monkeys.  We all know I love monkeys as much as I love my ducks and probably more than I love Buckminster.The.Pony.Size.Dog.  It’s fairly cheap to go from Australia to Bali so I’ll just be tacking that trip onto my next trip home.

Yay me!  And now back to homework.  God knows the world needs me to gene hack papaya and avocado on a Sunday afternoon.  😐

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