My Life in Paradise

because I only wish I could make this sh*t up…

Oh My Gay – It’s nearly summer!!!

So what’s new in alohaland?  Not much really.  My ducks are delightful.  I’ve named them but I can’t remember what – it’s early.  The roosters still mock me however I’m just waiting for the right moment to replace them with plastic lawn flamingos……..and they know it!  Zombie lawn flamingos to be exact.  *smirk*

3.5 weeks to go and summer break starts.  Not that I’m taking time off school or anything.  I’m planning to take Ochem this summer.  “Bless me father for I have sinned…”  HOLY SHITE..  8 weeks and a metric ton of remembering later River may be cleaning me up off the bottom of the shower.

Anyway – we are sporting plans to run off to Yosemite for a few days.  A few days being 2 since River saving all her time for our Christmas adventure in Sweeeeeeeeden and Icccccccceland..  Who doesn’t want to go Europe for Christmas raise your hand.  Yeah I didn’t think so!  I wanted to go to Germany as well, but student funds only go so far and there is a tattoo artist in Denmark I’m stalking!

For those of you who have requested a photo of aka my brother.  Look!  I got one.  I’m the short one in the picture in case your gender glasses aren’t working!


I ❤ my brother. You should too.


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Spring Migration – Femme Style


This is spacial issue.....

Yeap – that’s what it looks like when I get ready to go to San Francisco!  I promise I’ll post pictures of food and fashion and fun….

Buckminster.The.Pony.Size.Dog say…..


This picture is for Germ.Yoda – because I couldn’t have made it through my midterm without your help!


Look what I did!

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Travel – travel – travel

For a multitude of reasons I think a lot about traveling.  Not just because I’m packing my suitcases and leaving the island for a visit to San Francisco, but because I’ve put it off for far far far too long.

I spent most of my childhood traveling and then I grew up and just stopped.  WtF?  I used to work from home – I could have worked from Rome for roosters sake.  So here’s to changes.

In the mean time……  I stole a link from another amazing woman who travels and she is off on a jet for Morocco, Egypt and Turkey!  Tips to travel for cheaper than usual.  Yay!

On that note – I have bags to pack, dogs to kiss, homework to do and plans to make because AuntieMame is making masala mai thais with my name allllllllllll over them…  

Touchdown in…

2 days – 54 minutes – 40 seconds


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I’m going to visit the monkeys (someday)!!

No really!  I am..  There is a blog I spend way to much time following and here’s why….ok find you can’t read my mind clearly…  I.Love.Traveling and it’s pretty much what I dream about doing when I’m done with school.

So the latest post is about Bali and sacred monkeys.  We all know I love monkeys as much as I love my ducks and probably more than I love Buckminster.The.Pony.Size.Dog.  It’s fairly cheap to go from Australia to Bali so I’ll just be tacking that trip onto my next trip home.

Yay me!  And now back to homework.  God knows the world needs me to gene hack papaya and avocado on a Sunday afternoon.  😐

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I want to be this lady when I grow up!!

Yeah so I’m already kinda grown up, but I stumbled across the blog of a woman who has been to 33 countries and has no plans on stopping.  YES PLEASE!!  (minus the pregnant part because we allllll know I’m Mommy Dearest material and the world doesn’t need more wire hanger scenes)

At the moment for a couple of reasons my travel is limited to frequent trips back to California.  Is it the 16th yet?!?!?! BUT upon graduation –

So here is my hit list.  The top 5 places I want to see or see again!

  1. Europe – this trip is in the budding stage.  Ideally I’ll go summer 2013 before RN school.
  2. Scotland – I have an overwhelming desire to go to Scotland again, but this time with  TheHandsomestManUnder30.  I have a feeling my brother and I will get into enough trouble that someone will have to bail us out.  ET Phone Home!
  3. India – I.Just.Want.To.Shop
  4. Africa – I’m fairly certain there is an AIDS project with my name on it in Africa
  5. Galapagos – I need to find out if they have a monkey for me.

I will not be traveling with roosters or to anywhere that advertises having poultry as some kind of country delight.  I’m fine without fresh eggs thanks.